I fell in love with a pair of fingerless gloves, but I’m putting friendship first

I started making a pair of fingerless gloves (mittens?? – it seems like once the finger part is gone, it’s hard to tell which they would have been) for a friend about a month ago. I had a yarn whose colours perfectly suited her and her birthday had just passed, so it seemed like a great idea. I found a pattern that involved a cable, which I hadn’t done prior to this project, but was excited to try. I was all set. I started knitting and things went well – I used a different sized yarn than the pattern called for, didn’t bother making a sizing swatch and yet it still turned out. See:

Fingerless Gloves

They’re hand sized and everything (I made my dad a hat for Christmas that was most definitely not head sized, so my method has been know to fail). The problem came when I realized that I wanted to keep the gloves. It was my first foray into knits for hands and also my first cable. I wanted them to keep my¬†hands warm while still allowing me to type on my computer in class. Truth be told, I still want to keep them, but I started out making them for someone else and so that’s who they’re going to. Because I do really want her to have them too. Life is richer when you’re able to contribute to someone else’s – even if it’s just with a silly pair of gloves.

Both Gloves Close-upOne Glove

In what ways do you like to pass on your zest to others?