Studying… the fun way

Studying comes with the territory of being a student, but this weekend, there was sun! This is a rare commodity in Portland this time of year, so since the rays of happiness were extending all the way to the coast, I drove out there with a buddy yesterday. With study materials in hand, we hunkered down by a log and learned things. Our home for the day:

Study Log

I played with some effects on my phone (some study breaks were necessary):


I started knitting something for my mom:

casting on at the beach

Some people were riding horses to the beach, and then on the beach. So romantic. We also saw some beach tricycle things that I had never seen before. They seemed to be pretty speedy considering they were traveling on sand. Has anyone seen them before? I didn’t get a photo, unfortunately.


We made sure we were back in time for the sunset,

Just before sunset

and found this clever message in the sand:


It may seems like we just had fun all day (which we did), but we definitely also got some studying done! At the end of the day when we were done, we enjoyed the sunset. And by that I mean ran like crazy people down the beach because I wanted to get the sun setting behind Haystack rock. I didn’t decide this until the sun was already heading down, so it was a mad dash. We made it in time, with some brief photo-taking pauses, but at that point, clouds were blocking the sun and my camera (phone) had died. wah wah. It was totally worth it for the breathless laughing along the way.

This day made me wonder why I don’t spend every weekend at the coast.


Weekend Whirlwind

I had a busy weekend, which is why I’m writing about it on Monday. It was the Rose City Yarn Crawl Saturday(total knitter nerd fest – loved it!). Then Sunday, I went to see Willow at The Laurelhurst Theatre on Sunday with a friend and her boyfriend who are so great that I didn’t mind one bit being a third wheel. The movie was pretty entertaining and I hadn’t even seen it as a kid. According to my movie-watching companions, it stood up to the test of their childhood memories. Afterwards had to go to Powell’s to spend a gift card I received for my birthday in December (suuuch a tough task). I guess this sounds like a pretty tame weekend, but it was more ‘fun stuff’ than I usually get to cram in. Luckily there’s a little post-midterms lull happening.

The real task at Powell’s was figuring out what to put back. I have a love of bookstores in general – small, big, whatever – so being told I have to spend money at a huge and awesome book selling establishment was a pretty easy pill for me to swallow. I think it took me so long to actually get there and do it because I didn’t want it to be over with. Like Christmas morning, it’s this magical moment and then you know you have to wait a whole other year before it happens again. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, it was just the purchase of a few books, but I had a great time. When you’re a student, there’s not usually extra money floating around the budget to spend willy nilly.

I got some great new yarn, so photos to follow when I get around to taking them! Hopefully it will be sometime this week and hopefully soon after, I’ll start doing fun things with my new knitting supplies. Maybe I’ll even elaborate on book purchases – spoiler alert: they are both quilting books.

Zest ya later (I’m in a good mood, so had to add this. Plus, it reminds me of something my sister would say, and that girl makes me smile)