Making Yarn Cans

My roommate and I recently moved to a house her sister bought. So far, living in Portland, I haven’t really put my ‘touch’ in any of the rooms I’ve lived in. At our last house, I didn’t even manage to actually hang the pictures that I owned on the walls – they just sat where they were (never) going to hang. We lived there for over a year. Today, I decided to try something I saw on Pinterest a while ago – using cans on the wall as yarn holders. So far, I only have three (I’ll have to make some more chili to use up more canned tomatoes), but I think I like it. This is my final product:

Yarn Cans

I used a ‘wing it’ approach to getting the cans on the wall. People who actually know how to use tools might disapprove of some of my techniques, but here’s how I did it:

Tomato Cans

I started with three cans – more to come because I definitely have WAY more yarns that need homes

nail and cannail, hammer and can

I used a hammer and a nail to put a hole in the bottom of my cans (and wiggled the nail around to make a roomier hole for easier access from the other side – this may have been  some unnecessary faffing)

Getting the can on the wall

I used a tool with a hard end that I could stick inside the can – yep, that’s really how I chose this tool. I used it to bash awkwardly at the nail until it was all the way in the wall and my can was held in place. Once all three were on the way they looked like this:Cans on wall

And then I added yarn:

Two yarns

The last colour of yarn I used was still in it’s label and I didn’t like how it sat in the can, so I took off the label and stashed it in back, so I will still know what I am working with when I eventually use this yarn.

 final product


I love these colours together, but I’m not sure what to knit with them. Suggestions welcome.


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